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July - August 2022 | Volume 15, Issue 4

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Just In

From the Editor:

I want to say goodbye to all my friends in Epping.

I have to apologize to those of you on the Newsletter mailing list.  In May, my computer was hacked, and when I got online again, my data was all gone, including my address book, so I no longer have my mailing list for the Newsletter and wasn’t able to let you know about my news.

I wanted to let you know that I moved to Kansas City on June 26th.  It all happened very quickly.  On Mother’s Day, my younger son called to say he wanted me to move close to him and his family and he had found a good place.  He had the place on hold and I had only a couple of days to decide - and I decided to go.  I will miss Epping and my many friends in New Hampshire, especially here in Epping, but it will be wonderful to live near family.

At this time I don’t know what will happen to the Newsletter.  Unfortunately, this may be the last issue.  I’ve enjoyed my years with this Newsletter, and I hope there’s a way to continue publishing it.

Goodbye for now, and best wishes to all of you!!

Speak Up, Epping! Newsletter Editor

Barbara Helmstetter