Jan-Feb 2018 | Volume 11, Issue 1



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Senior Moments

You know the Epping Watson Academy Senior Citizens Club likes to go and do. 2018 will be no different. Another year, another number, just like our age. It really is a big number though when you were born in the 30's.

Once again the Walgreen Pharmacist met with us. You'd think we knew it all by now but the laws keep changing. And like a thief in the night, the costs creep up while we are asleep. Meds are $200 to $400 a month for some. Our concerns are valid because we are that statistic our legislators talk about, but they sometimes forget that we seniors are still here. Someday, we're going to have a contest among our members to see who takes the most pills. I'll let you know the total number.

We did get to visit Nicole Bizzaro's new home. What can I say? It's beautiful. You can feel the warmth inside by imagining their busy lifestyle with two active kids and the finishing touch of that adorable, lovable puppy. Big is right for them. Congrats, Nicole.

Our annual trip to see the Loudon Christmas lights was our way to begin the Holiday Season. NIcole drove us through the beautiful endless display on a pretty warm night. And of course, we later found ourselves in the parking lot of the 99 Restaurant for dinner. Surprise!

This year we had the opportunity to help the Fire Department and Recreation Department preparing gifts for Epping Children. Under Nicole's guidance, we were able to play Santa for a while and fill bags and bags of toys and clothes. You couldn't really call it work, as we enjoyed that good warm feeling helping to make Christmas brighter for each child. We were overwhelmed with all of the many donations received. Pat yourselves on the back, Epping residents. You done good!

Our 2017 Christmas Party is behind us and everyone had a good time. I noticed the food disappeared quickly and the gifts seemed so appropriate. Actually fate stepped in and two friends received similar gifts as almost an "exchange". Someone even received a gift they brought the year before. Will that be a new trend? “What goes around comes around." Mr. David Shikes, humorist, returned to add the laughter to a very happy holiday gathering. Another BIG thank you to our American Legion who was our host again.

Readers may find it hard to believe seniors are so busy. And it's not that we do it slower. We just try to do it all until we can't. But the concert at the school was a wonderful break to sit, relax, visit with friends and enjoy the amazing music those young people can deliver. It wasn't like this when we were kids. It makes us so proud of our schools and those great kids. A big thank you to them. The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Epping.

New Year’s Eve will find us warmly tucked in our beds but the New Year will provide opportunities for us to enjoy life with friends. Some of the trips will include the Currier Museum, the New Hampshire Airport museum and some more factories which we really enjoy. One day our lunch date will be at the Culinary School in either Manchester or Exeter. Maybe both. That should be a test for us picky eaters. Our first project for the New Year is collecting items for our soldiers again. It's bad luck to put up your new calendar before the new year, so I have no idea what dates I'm talking about.

No trivia talk to end my report this time. Rather, ending on a sad note. Our beloved Barbara Camire has passed away. She was very special to the Club and to me. Barbara was a charter member and the first Treasurer back in 1999 when our Club was born. One day, just five of us sat around that small table at Watson and decided it was time to leave the nest of the Raymond Club and fly on our own. Creating by-laws, programs and file systems was fairly easy but when it came to finance, Barbara came to our rescue. She was also my longtime friend and classmate traveling through the Epping schools together. We miss her.

Stay healthy!

Submitted by Irene R. Cote, Secretary