Mar-April 2017 | Volume 10, Issue 2



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Senior Moments

From now on, we seniors will use our abbreviated logo (E.W.A.S.C.C) to help shorten our message.  Didn't work this time though.

Well, that 15" snowfall botched our February 8th meeting with Town Administrator Greg Dodge. We still have five days to review the Town Warrant before we vote.  Actually four days.  One day to change our minds.

Has anyone been to the Seaglass Restaurant in Salisbury, MA?  We're going in March when the tide is high. That's important because we'll be sitting by the huge windows enjoying our lunch while watching the ocean rushing beneath us.  We'll give you our Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down next issue.

Three strikes and you're out - right? Well, we struck out with a Valentine party with the Rec kids.  More snow. The gifts are still in the closet, the cookies still wrapped in foil and ice cream still in the freezer.  But, just like "tomorrow", it's coming.

Back to school for some of us.  We're excited about attending the Shop Class at the Middle School on weekends to work with the tools (under supervision) and produce some amazing results.  If our kids are lucky, they'll be getting original ornaments for Christmas this year.   More new keepsakes.

Our second report of the LLC (Ladies Lunch Club). What a day. There were 15 of us ladies.  Scrap the idea of an intimate lunch but it sure was fun. The food was good and the company great.  Next time I'll bring a tape recorder.  Scary, huh?  The Yard Restaurant in Manchester gave us sticker shock when we saw the prices so low and it wasn't even "Senior Day".

Upcoming trips will include the indoor shooting range at Sig Sauer in Epping, a culinary school where we'll sample home cooking by young chefs, a few museums and much more.  Up goes a "phone tree" that will help notify members of cancellations that seem to be our norm these days.

We were fortunate to receive several cases of food donated for End 68 Hours of Hunger.  Those, with our individual donations raised the bar pretty high last month.

The Epping Garden Club will help us with new ideas and tips for the new season.  Our flower beds seem to get lower and lower each year, so "easy" is our shared goal.

A recent warning struck home for many for us.  It appears a telephone call that starts with "can you hear me?" is a scam.  Saying "yes" is being recorded and can be used for illegal purposes.  Some of the seniors just hang up, but I just say "Whatcha say?  She hangs up.

Mr. David Shikes, humorist, will entertain us at our April meeting.  What better way to bring in Spring... with laughter.

Those great grandkids know how to test us oldies.  One smarty asked his granddad "if Webster wrote the first dictionary, where did he get the words?” Answer: “ask your grandmother, she uses them all.”

Submitted by Irene R. Cote, Secretary