March-April 2018 | Volume 11, Issue 2

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Senior Moments

The E.W.A. Senior Citizen Club went into hibernation along with other animals during January and February. We did try to get to the new 110 Deli in Stratham but the icy sidewalks sent us right back home. A coupleof membesr finally did get there on their own and reported that the restaurant was noisy and busy - but the food was excellent. The restaurant does have a private dining room for groups. Now that is the perfect incentive for our own noisy group. So, it's back on our "to-do" list.

Karen Poplaski from Bodywise Physical Therapy located here in Eing visited us in January. She wanted to thank us for our monthly contributions to 68 Hours of Hunger and added more names of food items to our donation list. Karen had an idea and stayed a little longer. She was able to zoom right into our collective health issues and her expertise. Unfortunately, Arthritis is not the favorite brother-in-law but the person we see in the mirror every day. Karen was able to explain and demotrate exercises and relaxation techniques we should try. Nothing can cure that foe, but if these suggestions help we'll take her to lunch. She also invited us to stop into their facility for a free consultation. The sign-up on that list quickly grew.

Every February, our Town Administrator Greg Dodge comes to our meeting to go over the Warrant articles. He answered questions about our concerns and assured us that many of the funded articles will not come from property taxes. That got our attention. He brought a "show and tell" that finally clarified the purpose of one of those articles. Unfortunately most of us seniors do not attend or view the Deliberative Seion for various reasons. Now, thanks to Greg, we'll go to the polls in March as informed Epping Senior Citizen voters.

Another treat at our February meeting was a film of Ireland that member Mary Boyle shared with us. She was there on a recent visit and brought back pictures and films of beautiful far away places - a perfect dream for us right in the middle of winter. Thanks Mary.

Someone came up with an excellent idea and we quickly ran with it. Itead of a Pound Party to raise money, we're going to hold an Auction at our April meeting. This mea we can sell (or buy) new items that we - can't use, already have or just can't figure out. Knowing us Yankees, the discounted prices may entice us to take home items that we still can't use, still have or still can't figure out. Hmm... maybe I should stay home... nah.

Everyone is anxious for the visit from Attorney Kathryn Williams in March. She has always brought important information that impacts senior citizens. The new and ever changing laws are vital to our independence. We're writing down our questions in preparation for her professional input. These new laws and how they apply to us are sometimes written in such a way that we need an interpreter. She tells it like it is and we listen.

Gotta add this. WANT FRESH BREAD? Ever notice the different colors of bread ties? There is a code and a reason. The color tie indicates the day the bread was delivered (write it down). Monday- Blue, Tuesday - Green, Thursday - Red, Friday - White, Saturday - Yellow. Bread is not delivered on Wednesdays. The purpose of these different colors is for the people who restock the shelves to remove the old bread and load with the new. Occasionally they miss some or the store puts them on sale. So, WANT FRESH BREAD? Remember your colors (P.S. The color list is alphabetical).

Submitted by Irene R. Cote, Secretary