Mar-Apr 2021| Volume 14, Issue 2

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Senior Moments

The rut we’ve been in has moved us out of our routines and exposed a weakened link in our chain of life.

An important routine is the 68 hours of Hunger Program.  We’re back however and Erica’s Flower Shop on Route 125 is an easy and safe drop off site.  It’s fun shopping for foods our kids liked when they were kids. Actually, foods we liked when we were kids.  Secretly, foods we still like, but darn that sodium!

We all enjoyed voting.  Most did it by mail which allowed us to debate, right before checking the square and licking the envelope.  However, missing the distinctive ambiance of the voting booth was another broken link in our chain.  But it won’t be long before all the missing links are back and our chain of life will be stronger than ever.  When that time returns and our “routine” links return - our “To Do” list comes out of the drawer and gas goes back into the bus - We’ll see you later!

SCAMS... SCAMS… SCAMS!!  Do they just pick on us Seniors?  What the heck?   We’re receiving these frustrating and annoying emails that are just SCAMS!!  I got them from Amazon, Macy’s, PayPal and even my bank.  Someone got one from a site they’d never visited.  I talked to a clerk at my bank and was told they hear of customer scams at least 40 times a month!!  S c a r y!!  It used to be “Buyer Beware.”  Now it’s “Fingers on the Keyboard Beware.”  Does it get worse? Yes, it does - our cellphones.  We all have them, but not glued to our hips.  The phone rings, we rush to find it and there it is - some weird number from some weird place on the planet.  I’m going to buy a whistle to answer these calls from my place on the planet.

People come and go, we know that, but some should stay longer.  One is our beloved Misty who made our annual Christmas party an “over the top” success.  Well she did it – she retired and moved to Maine.  Why?  So, we’ll be looking for a new caterer.  Not only to replace Misty, but someone to deal with finicky, apprehensive and hungry oldies.  Help!

Put your shades on because the light at the end if the Tunnel is getting brighter!  Some of us can display that beautiful Band-aid of armor against the Covid-19 enemy.  A few of us are casino junkies and made a bet as to when the Club reunites.  One bet – Memorial Day, another bet – Fourth of July and I bet – Labor Day (the optimist).  The wager was a free cup of coffee.  I hope I have to bring the pot to the Parade.

Here comes a tip from that granddaughter… a pretty clever one.

Place potting soil in eggshells, place seeds in the soil, then place them back in the carton.  When ready, plant the shells right into your garden.  How’s that for a lead into SPRING!!

Please, please continue to stay safe!

Irene R. Cote, Secretary