July - August 2022 | Volume 15, Issue 4

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Have we missed your group or event? Please let us know. Our goal is to include as many Epping groups and events as possible.

Senior Moments

Spring took us to fun places. One was the Antique Barn in Laconia. The challenge… how many items did we recognize? And the answer was - ALL OF THEM. Nicole found an old-fashioned diner (our era) and old-fashioned menu (our taste).

Our visit to the Annalee Doll facility was disappointing. Because of Covid, a glass partition prevented us from viewing the ladies dressing the dolls. Gotta eat though so… Lunch was at Hart’s Turkey Farm, and everyone ate turkey. When we are good, Nicole treats us with an ice cream break. I enjoyed a baby Moose Track.

We must’ve been very good, because the students at the Recreation Program are going to treat us to an Ice Cream Social. The real treat is spending time with the kids. They think we are funny and we think they are funny. It’s always a draw.

The Wright Museum in Wolfeboro is on our radar again in June. Walking through those doors is walking back into an important time in our lives when we lived and survived those memories.

Our calendar includes the Sunapee Craft Fair, a boat ride on the Winnipesaukee Belle, picnic at Odiorne Point State Park, a tour of the National Guard at Pease and another day with the butterflies in Westford, MA. That is all on the July and August pages.

Our June meeting featured member Polly Leeds and her trainer “Steve.” When he walked into the room, we knew why Polly went to the gym three times a week. He and Polly demonstrated simple exercises to help seniors maintain good health. Polly kept right with Steve. We didn’t… and she is 92 YEARS OLD!!!

We’ll meet at the Epping Historical Society in July. It’s important we know facts about our community and member Joy True can make that happen. As Curator of the Society, her knowledge is endless. Everyone is pretty anxious to know what we don’t know.

We don’t usually meet in August, but our Fire Department has invited us to their air-conditioned meeting room. Lt. Mike Nickerson will teach us to identify and avoid fraud and scams. Pretty important for us oldies. He also had some “FILE OF LIFE” packets for everyone. They will adhere to the refrigerator and contain important health information that is vital to responding Ambulance teams. This is so important for senior citizens.

We thoroughly enjoy many trips around the state but know we certainly can not travel to Kansas City. However, our favorite Creator/Publisher/Editor will head that way very soon to join her family. We’re trying to figure out what we will do without her, but ain’t got there yet. Life does go on in different directions for all of us. So, Barbara - our love, best wishes and prayers travel on your shoulders. When you feel a soft breeze upon your back, remember us and the good times you helped to create for everyone. Cherish this new phase of your life. If we have questions… Can we still email?

So, this is the end of the Speak Up, Epping!” - the end of those sudden deadlines, the end of some important reading, and the end of my fun writing. What are we going to do when we don’t get that sudden reminder – "ARTICLE DUE!!!"? It’s like giving up Christmas!

Irene R. Cote, Secretary