Jan - Feb 2019| Volume 12, Issue 1

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Senior Moments

Here is our message from the Epping Watson Academy Seniors.  My recall of recent events may be hampered by Christmas Brain Freeze.  We all wish the Christmas Season would last as long as our arthritis. Wouldn't that be a sweet pill to take?

Anyway, the Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by the amazing ladies of the Meals-On-Wheels Program in Epping was like eating at Gamma's – lots of people, laughter and good food. Those amazing ladies (Cheryl and Lisa) did it again with a delicious Christmas Dinner in December.  I hope they invite us to all the holidays that include – DINNER. 

Dinners, dinners everywhere and the annual Christmas dinner at the Legion was right in line. Once again we were treated to a scrumptious buffet by Misty Glines. (Get the idea that we love to eat out?)  Watching Misty bring in all her equipment and food and create this hot DINNER was a lesson to us oldies in organization.  And for 28 people!  Our Epping American Legion is so generous to invite us to their home for our annual party.  It's  a perfect venue for us locals.  Thank you.

A couple of trips we enjoyed were to the Castle In The Clouds and the Loudon Christmas Lights.  This time, Nicole (our fearless driver) used the service road to get to the Castle.  Good choice but not as much fun as the back trail – but bigger bus, bigger road.  The day was clear and crisp when we found ourselves locked out on the patio.  Should have read the sign in the first place.  No, I'm not forgetting to mention the lunch we enjoyed at the Village Kitchen. One word – great. The weather has been good to us during our recent excursions – even our Night at the Lights at the Loudon Race Track. Traveling among the beautiful displays brought thoughts of having our great grandchildren beside us to enjoy the wonderland of lights.  However, we all enjoyed them, so I guess there is still a little kid inside us as well. (P.S. – 99 Restaurant saw us coming).

We heard stories about the "Lowe’s" house on the corner of Main and Academy Streets.  Didn't know which were fact and which were not, so we invited the new owner to come on over and get acquainted.  She did.  She was fascinating and inspired us with anticipation about the many new classes that we can soon enjoy.  Art is her basic theme and there will be several venues for all interests.  Among all the changes, the one we can't wait for is the new paint job on the exterior. It will be LILAC with the RED roof. Can't miss that! So, join us when the doors open and plan some fun and relaxing time.  Meet you there.

The New Year calendar will include visits from Brittany from the Planning Board, Greg Dodge from the Selectmen's office, Barbara Helmstetter from Speak Up, Epping and many more.  Our travel time is especially rewarding when we can visit area businesses and manufacturers.  If anyone in town would welcome a visit from your senior citizens - please call the Rec office.  A few of us finally checked out the ENNA Chocolate Factory right down on Main Street.  Had a great visit and plan to return with more friends. Try it. She enjoys sharing her craft. Has Samples!!

Now – If there is a contest for unusual Christmas Gifts, I win.  I received a can of WD-40!  Not kidding.  With it was a list of its many uses.  (He probably got the can from our workshop).  Here are only a few of them: Polish Silver, Clean Sneakers, Remove Tea Stains, Crayon Stains and Lipstick (from what?) Also, Cleans Toilets.  There are lots more on the list and THEY WORK!

New Years Resolutions are for those who want to  change.  We Senor citizens  just forget, easy change.  HAPPY 2019!!!!

Submitted by Irene R. Cote, Secretary