Nov-Dec 2017 | Volume 10, Issue 6



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Senior Moments

It seems the LLC really likes getting out of the kitchen because they enjoyed two "together" luncheons recently. One favorite was Johnson's Dairy Bar - real comfort food for the soul. The other was toooooooo much - The Grand Buffet in Manchester offered no comfort food, but it did offer a challenge and that uncomfortable feeling after sampling almost everything. Left out the desserts though, so proteins and carbs eased our conscience a little. Our credit cards are still warm and there are FIVE (5) Thursdays in November. We'll skip the 23rd though and be back in the kitchen to enjoy Thanksgiving with our families. Now December is family time and old friends time that keeps everyone busy. Our annual Christmas Party together is our beginning of a happy and loving season.

Now I do not exaggerate when telling you that everyone was so impressed with Coca Cola's Ray Dube's Program. He demonstrated, illustrated and educated us with so many facts we did not know and at our age we should know. We take our recyclables to the Transfer Station, right? Done our duty. Now we know where those items go. You might be wearing them, using them, and buying them. His presentation left us in awe to learn that they import at least 75% of plastics needed because we do not recycle enough plastic bottles. This Program should be shown in every school and organization. We have the information, so just call. He's willing to give us a tour of their facility in the spring. Can't wait.

A real "wish you could be there" moment was when Mr. David Shikes (the humorist) entertained us at our September meeting. Can't explain his jokes. They were cleverly designed for us oldies and each punch line was an "ahhhhh, got it." moment. They really hit home but none of us can remember them. We plan to invite him back to our Christmas party and I'll bring a tape recorder.

In November, we'll host the Pharmacist from Walgreens once again. She'll bring us up-to-date on new laws, new drugs and new Medicare concerns for 2018. Yes, we all got our flu shot. Ms. Karen Poplaski from the 68 Hours of Hunger Program will stop in to thank us for the continued support of our generous food donations each month. We seniors ever surprise ourselves with the abundance of food we manage to collect. It's kind of fun buying for kids again plus it's just one more thing in the shopping cart.

When you read this, we'll have had our date with our special friend, Nicole Bizzaro (Recreation Director) at her new home. A house warming and special thank you are in order to show her our appreciation for everything she does to make our Club just that much more enjoyable. We'll bring the food, the laughter and a very special gift. Besides, we'll get to see her new home.

It's time... HOLIDAYS!!! A time when we grandparents and great-grandparents step to the front of the line. Gifts, baby sitting, baking, wrapping, house cleaning. All the necessary things and we love it. So, bring it on. Remember - the proper greeting is "MERRY CHRISTMAS. Enjoy every day during the season and keep your motor running because it comes and goes fast. Then you become like us and ask, "where did the time go?" Actually we know, but can't remember. We'd like to go back to the time when "WAR" was a card game and ice cream was a basic food group. A good resolution is to write it down. Keep a journal. Take pictures. So, when you are 80, you can fool people by telling them what you remember when you were 40.

Want a good feeling during the holidays? Try this - go to the layaway counter and donate a few dollars to the mother in front of you who is buying gifts for her children. It's like giving a Christmas gift to yourself.


Submitted by Irene R. Cote, Secretary