Mar-Apr 2019| Volume 12, Issue 2

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Senior Moments

Club members surprised me by challenging the cold and filling our warm Watson Academy meeting room in January and February. Leaving winter at home seems to work.

Fearlessly, with our hats, coats, gloves and a heated bus, other challenges to old man winter were some fun trips. One will be to the new Women's Prison in Concord. A guided tour of the new facility awaits us. A head count and current ID’s are required so don't worry kids, we'll be back. If you're curious about the "Jail," pick up the next issue of "Speak Up." We toured the Rockingham County Jail a few years ago and that left quite an impression, but this experience steps it up a notch. We'll see.

Another February venture will be shopping. Not at a Mall. Not at a gift shop. Not even a rummage sale. This time we'll browse among beautiful handcrafted items from furniture to bowls to bookends and more. Can't forget their best seller - license plate birdhouses. The craftsmen who are selling their crafts are the inmates at the New Hampshire State Prisons. The new location of the State Prison store provides much more room and many more items for sale. We're even promised take-home souvenirs. Several years ago we shopped at the old facility and we're ready again to slip our credit cards into our pockets and shop, shop, shop.

Brittany Howard, Epping Planner, scared us a little when she spoke to us at our January meeting. There’s so much building, so much growth and so much traffic. She explained that housing is in such demand that developers have created a revolving door to her office. Most of our questions were answered but some were deferred to Greg Dodge who was to be with us in February. One example: the Gas Storage Tank. Well? She did educate us on how tax income from commercial ventures does not reduce our property taxes. Darn!

Greg did meet with us in February and reviewed the 2019 Town Warrant articles. We were so glad he did. Some articles were not very clear to us oldies. He also answered many of our questions including those forwarded by Brittany. But there were some even he could not answer: Gas Storage Tank - Well? We'll just have to keep asking elsewhere. Taking a few minutes traveling down memory lane with Greg is like backing up the old station wagon and driving down the old dirt road.

One new experience we are really looking forward to, is dinner at the Culinary School in Exeter. We can't wait to learn what these talented young people can do. In our world it's called a "switch-a-rue." (Kids cooking and serving us for a change.) No "old age" diets that night. We’ll have fun critiquing them like they do on the TV cooking shows. Watch for a five star rating.

We were very pleased to welcome members of the Epping Garden Club to our February meeting. They have agreed to be our program at our March meeting and they also agreed to bring Spring. We're depending on them to steer us away from making mistakes in our gardens and helping us make the summer fun. They'll be there when I ask why wild mushrooms grow in my raised garden. Hmmm. Some even joined the Club. So, welcome new members.

Our annual Auction will take over our April meeting. We did this last year and raised quite a lot of money. Only one caution: recommended you don’t sell something your kids gave you for Christmas. But then, why not?

School vacation brought out those smart aleck grandkids like mine. She had some good questions such as: why do "slow down" and "slow up" mean the same thing? Is it good if a vacuum really sucks? You'll like this one. She guessed my date of birth like this: (A) multiply your day of birth x2, (B) add five (+5), (C) multiply by fifty (x50), (D) add month of birth (+), (E) subtract two fifty (-250), (F) results: (_day) (_month). It worked!! Oh, maybe she knew it anyway. Smart aleck! I got her with this one though. She did not know what Black Photo Corners were.

If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right!

Submitted by Irene R. Cote, Secretary