July-August 2019| Volume 12, Issue 4

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Senior Moments

The club was disappointed when the weather altered our long lasting tradition of a pre-summer picnic at the lake. Not to worry though. We’ve got bigger plans this year. That 20-year landmark of our Club cannot go without special fanfare. A commemorative plaque will soon hang on the wall in Watson. We might even open our twenty year old Time Capsule. Might as well. Another 30 years won't mean anything to us. Right now, no one remembers what is in it. Of course a special indoor picnic catered by Misty will be the highlight of our celebration. Just a trivia note - our Vice President, Barbara Sherwood, aged 93, Secretary Cote and member Lionel Cote are the remaining charter members from day one in 1999.

We did it again. Racked up another three star tour - right here in our own back yard. Actually about two miles down the road. It makes occasional noise, has a huge store of assorted and colorful merchandise and hosts guests from all over the world. This particular day, we were their guests at the Sig Sauer Academy. I'm not a fan of guns but even I was impressed. Their various shooting facilities are well planned, well managed and safety is always their priority. This is something residents should check out. They enjoy visits. Members of all law enforcement groups in the United States as well as several from European countries are regular students. Of course, you and I can take courses as well and the fee is quite reasonable, but I’m still not a fan of guns. The final comment made by our host, Arin, was that Epping should have a hotel because they could keep it full all the time. Something to think about!

A few trips we're planning are lunch at Latitudes, a cruise on the Thomas Leighton and a tour of Fuller Gardens.

This is being written before our July meeting at the Fire Department. The Chief and some of his staff have invited us and will review and explain some of the new services being offered to residents.

A special thank you to all the best wishes I have received from friends. They helped a lot. I'm doing fine.

Submitted by Irene R. Cote, Secretary