Sept-Oct 2017 | Volume 10, Issue 5



Newsletter Schedule

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Senior Moments

Just like young parents, we're looking forward to the new NORMAL season.  Summer was just too busy.  Love those great-grandkids, but who conspired against old people and created car seats that neither the very young nor the very old can operate?  Sometimes we do miss throwing a blanket, pillows and toys into the back of the station wagon and yelling "kids, hop in!"

We finally had our day with the Recreation Kids. They really enjoyed playing Bingo, creating posters for their teachers and of course – the ice cream sundaes.  There were no limits to the sticky, gooey toppings but they did have to use very small spoons.  Those kids are always amazing. They were polite and treated us like friends, not just oldies.  We've said this before, but our community is so fortunate to have such successful programs for our youth. Ask us someday what we did "back then" and be prepared to sit a while.

Of course, we got our office back and the new meetings are planned well into the new year.  The September program will be Mr. David Shikes who is a humorist.  It will be fun to report on this one. He is a very unique person who has such a love for life.  He reminds us that laughter should always be included in our weekly pill containers.

Our program in October is Mr. Ray Dube, representative from the Coca-Cola Company. who shows the many  finished products made from recycled materials.  I have a hard time describing what his demonstration includes – it is so fascinating.  I'll go into some detail in the next issue.  You will be surprised to learn how recycled material is transformed into things you wear or use everyday. This is a program that should be presented to the schools and other organizations.  One thing I learned was that I do not have to clean out the peanut butter jar (yeah!).

Our "on hold" trip to the Woodman Museum is back on schedule on Thursday September 21st.  Better planning this time when the children are back in school. This will be our second visit to finish what we started.  It's a huge museum!

September is the month for volunteering at the Meals-On-Wheels Day Of Caring fundraiser.  It is a lot of work/fun and never seems to end, but is very worthwhile.  This program provides at least 100 meals per day delivered to Epping residents. They're now housed in the Epping Community Church where they also provide meals to those who come in.

I hope we didn't speak too soon because we agreed to participate in the Scarecrow contest this year.  Should be interesting. One youth reminded us, "dare to be different."  We may not win the contest but we can be different. Just ask a 6 year old.

The LLC has been pretty quiet for a few months but ideas are flowing and the plastic is in hand. If anyone has ideas of interesting eateries, let us know. 

There are leaves on the ground which remind us of what's coming – winter.  In the meantime, the gardens are producing what they promised and Mother Nature has her paintbrush ready.  So, enjoy. 

Submitted by Irene R. Cote, Secretary