Sept - Oct 2018 | Volume 11, Issue 5

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Senior Moments

We were delighted to share the Ice Cream Social with the Recreation kids again this year. They really enjoy their captured audience of us oldies. The fun part was interacting after that last scoop of chocolate ice cream (yes, chocolate). There were some promising magicians in the pack and believe it or not, their tricks were puzzling. However, big tip to them - don't give away your secrets - even if we beg. We had a few tricks and jokes of our own but we did not give away Our secrets.

August is not usually a meeting month, but we had many more things to decide than the telephone could handle. First, we voted to make donations to the Pease Greeters who need everyone's support. Another donation was to "Speak Up Epping." Barbara finances and publishes the news and we (the readers) often forget to say "thank you." SO - THANK YOU, BARBARA!

We're also collecting Christmas Cards to be sent to our soldiers. This is our happy participation in the program throughout the country. Should be impressive and warmly received. Would like to see the postal carriers with this one. We'll let you know how this plays out.

Back on our routine shopping lists will be special food items for the 68 Hours of Hunger Program. It's fun buying the food for the kids that we can no longer enjoy because of that enemy #1 - sodium.

Here's the good stuff:

We were disappointed when we had to cancel our day at the Sunapee Craft Fair. When the temperature hits the 90's and some of us hit the 80's, it's time for us seniors to be wise and not foolish. Missed the ride to the top of the mountain though – but it will be there next year and hopefully, so will we.

The members of the LLC dropped some new restaurant names into the hat and we'll start swiping our credit cards in September. Perhaps we should be hired as critics because we have been many places and have expressed strong opinions about the food and service. Ask us.

The Epping Historical Society is having a fundraiser, compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Denoncour at the Black Stove Farm on September 16th. Several members will be there and anticipate an amazing feast while supporting our Historical Society. For more information, call Joy at 679-8855.

The September program will be Kevin Martin of Epping to show and tell us about the BIG TREES throughout New Hampshire. Did you know we have one in Epping?

Day Of Caring in October is when we will join other groups to assist the Meals On Wheels Fundraiser Program. The work consists of tasks like stuffing envelopes, sticking labels on envelopes (more then 20,000) and stopping for lunch break. It's a lot of work, but someone has to do it.

As senior citizens, we are always hunting for generic meds. Here are just a few coming our way in 2019. (1) Restasis-early 2019, (2) Lyrica-July, 2019, (3) Eliquis-2019. Check with your pharmacy for yours and more.

You know, we retirees don't mind being called Seniors when the term comes with a 10% discount at Walgreens, Marshalls, Subway, Burger King, Wendy's and others.

Kids are back at school but this little classmate passed on this clever tip. She was at camp and got a splinter in her finger. The adult poured Elmer's Glue all over the splinter, let it dry, peeled the dried glue off her skin and the splinter came with the dried glue. Smart kid - until out of nowhere she asked me, "Who was Howdy Doody?" I left the room.

Remember – trying to stop aging is like squeezing toothpaste back into the tube.

Submitted by Irene R. Cote, Secretary

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to the Watson Academy Seniors for their generous donation. It is much appreciated. Barbara