May - June 2018 | Volume 11, Issue 3

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Senior Moments

Like we seniors change our minds, we changed our method of fundraising within the Club. Usually we have a Pound Party to enhance our treasury.  Pound Parties sell items which are hidden in brown paper bags - like  "Buyer Beware."   This time, we got creative and had an auction instead.  This new way of getting rid of items that no longer fit our lifestyle was a lot of fun and made more money.  I guess "seeing before you buy" is still a wise trait even for senior citizens.   Another new annual event was born.

President Sandy Dennis will be back with her gavel for the May meeting.  She has been traveling for four months, including several weeks in China, visiting friends.   We can't wait to hear all about her trip and be awed and envious of her photos of the Orient.  This could be another program.

Attorney Kathryn Williams is returning in May.  We are so grateful to her for taking her valuable time to talk with us and answer our questions. She is an essential asset to us seniors.  The changes in laws that she is so familiar with, can affect us adversely and we should be made aware.  At our age, we not only need help climbing up stairs but also need help keeping up with important legal issues that will continue to make our senior years comfortable and safe.

The Club visited the Waste Management Turnkey Landfill facility in Rochester – otherwise known as going to the "Dump" - the graveyard where our trash finds a new home.  Actually, the hills where our trash is buried reach about 100 feet up into the air. Also on the property are a dog park and a popular hiking trail to the river.  The facility opened in 1983 and has accumulated about 20 million tons of trash at the Rochester site.  One interesting feature is that the gases created by the compacted trash are used by UNH to provide fuel for their campus. The facility has high tech operations and myriad components that are very impressive.  The "Dump" we remember was where our dads took us every Saturday.  As the adults threw, the kids picked.  Found some great stuff.  Often found things dad would throw away and we sneaked back home.  We were simply recycling and didn't even know it.

A few more trips on our calendar will include a visit to the Great Bay Discovery Center followed by lunch at the 110 Deli (which we had to cancel before).  Along the same lines, is a trip to the UNH Aquaculture and Maine Fisheries... This should be very exciting.  A trip to the State Prison store in Concord is being considered and of course shopping trips always fill the bus. The prisoners make and sell beautiful furniture and other items.  These are "credit card only" sales.  Wonder why? A few new museums are on our "to do" list, including the Children's Museum in Dover - to treat the kid in all of us one more time.

The LLC (Ladies Lunch Club) is going back in time to reminisce at Mary Ann’s restaurant in Derry.  Mary Ann’s is a 50’s diner that serves great comfort food and teenage memories for dessert.  The 50's were our years and they-were-the-best.  None others will ever come close.  Ask any senior citizen and be prepared to hear history come alive.

I'm sure all NH Medicare members know that our new cards will arrive in June.  They will be laminated!  Now I laminated my old card years ago and was chastised for it.  I guess now they like my idea.  Because of this scary world we now live in, they strongly suggest that we make copies of our new cards and file the original away.  Then carry the copy in your wallet and guess what - laminate it!   Did you know that 44 million Americans are covered by Medicare?  That's 15% of the population. That number is expected to rise to 79 million in 2030.  Who's left?

Well, -- there were banging doors, muddy feet and raids on the cookie jar and we loved every minute of It.  School vacation brought the swift invasion of our quiet space by those sweet energetic grandkids. We were prepared though with "Google," "You Tube” and "On Demand." Generation gap? - Piece of cake!  But how many times can you watch "Frozen?"

One last question... How come you never hear father-in-law jokes?

Submitted by Irene R. Cote, Secretary