Nov - Dec 2018 | Volume 11, Issue 6

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Senior Moments

We seniors lucked out with great weather for our annual Apple Picking/Apple pie/Ice cream Day. The wagon ride through the orchard gets rougher each year, but our anticipation for dessert gets bigger, so we endure. We worried about leaving all those perfectly good apples that we accidentally dropped to the ground. A deer's paradise, I'd say.

Another annual event went off great but with a few sore backs. We met our challenge at the Rockingham Nutrition Program Day-Of-Caring in Plaistow. Our hands were moving faster than our small talk as we attacked our task of handling an estimated 20,000 labels, pamphlets and envelopes. On the reward side, we enjoyed a nutritional lunch (including spinach) and fun prizes. Here's a tip – look for a long blue envelope in your mailbox soon.

Starting early is a prerequisite for senior citizens. So the plans for our annual Christmas Party are done. There will be a change in the menu which should be delicious as all of Misty Glines' buffets promise. There will be the usual gift exchange but this year the members are in for an unusual surprise. You'll read about it in our next issue and never guess what it might be. Entertainment will be by our own member Chris Tardiff, a trained vocalist. Christmas songs by Chris – there’s no better way to complete our day.

Traditions are normal for seniors - right? So, back to Loudon Raceway to view the Christmas lights. Like so many things we often see, some will appear to be the first time even though they're not, but there are always new displays to enjoy. This is a definite "must see" for everyone. Of course, our first stop at the 99 Restaurant is a given.

Soon we'll join other groups in sorting and packing Christmas gifts for the children of Epping. I wish I could include a photo to show the hundreds of clothes and toys that will be received from our local merchants and community members. It is amazing! They really care and the kids really appreciate it. We'll leave a busy day with the good warm feeling of Christmas. Thank you, everyone.

A recent program was provided by a representative from AARP. Just like everyone else, we are plagued by the annoying phone calls. This lady had some useful tips about those calls. I added my own idea. If a real person calls after 9:00 pm – well, I purchased a whistle. She also armed us with some good tools to handle other frauds and scams that could cost us not only money but the loss of our identity. Unfortunately, some of this valuable information came a little late for some but we can safely say it will never happen again. We realize that it will only get worse for us senior citizens who seem to be their favorite targets. I received a warning call regarding my grandson's peril – I don't have a grandson.

If the tide is right and the time convenient, we'll be back behind the tall glass windows at the Seaglass Restaurant in Salisbury, watching the waves splash at us while we enjoy a nice lunch by the fire. That place is decorated so beautifully at Christmas time - check it out.

Took a survey of the senior women in the club (correction: "ladies") and learned this: a bedside table used to hold nail cream, perfumed lotion and lip balm. Now it has prescription meds, antacid and sore-muscle cream on there.

Every member of the Epping Watson Academy Senior Citizens Club extends to every member of our wonderful community - A Very Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year! News Flash — Next Year (2019) Will Be Our 20th Anniversary!

Submitted by Irene R. Cote, Secretary