Sept - Oct 2019| Volume 12, Issue 5

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Senior Moments

This is redundant but we move slowly these days.  I’m talking about our 20th anniversary party. It’s like writing a suspense novel.  Draft after draft after draft. But we now have a plot. The big celebration will be in October and then the first chapter of our story will have been written.  We wonder about the next twenty years and who will be writing that story. As a superscript, we’re assembling memories of the trips and events we’ve enjoyed.  These will be featured in our second volume named “Hanging With My Gnomies.” It’ll be in the Watson Library soon.  We will NOT break into our Time Capsule before it’s time.  So - remember this if you are around in 2049 and if Watson is around in 2049 – bring a wrench.

We made a third visit to the Butterfly Place in Westford, MA.  As the door opened into their lush garden, you could hear the “oohs and ahs” as the kaleidoscope of intensity brought huge smiles.  The butterflies paid no attention to us invaders as they performed their aerial acrobatics over our heads and often landed on our colorful clothes, searching for a snack.  Did you know they eat black ripened banana peels? Yuck!  Did you know butterflies only live two weeks?  Sad!  The display of their evolution is magical.  Butterfly Hatching Kits make great gifts.  Check their website.  Almost forgot – we enjoyed lunch at the Comet Diner in Tyngsboro.  It was quite a treat eating in the midst of our era – aka the good ole 50’s memorabilia.  Elvis and Marilyn still look great.

The meeting at the Epping Fire Department was like going back to our second home.  Joan Paige’s talk about opioids and other drug issues was a real eye opener.  Not just what is happening in Epping but also how these drugs affect people.  We had no idea, ,but quickly learned the damage drugs have on the human mind. IT WAS SCARY!  We left that meeting with a better understanding and respect for the Fire Department’s program on drug addiction.  We also learned that we can obtain the antidote “narcan nasal spray,” at no cost if we feel we may need one in our homes.  So can you.  Thank you, Joan.

Our constant search for a “new lunch” venue brought us to the front door of the Puritan Backroom Restaurant in Manchester.  The atmosphere was warm and friendly.  The food was excellent AND we found the ice cream parlor right around the corner of the building.  Imagine that!  Next lunch at the Lake.

Being retired means we wait until tourists go home and then take our discounted rightful place at NH attractions.  One favorite is the cruise on the Winnepesaukee Belle in September.  The Lake in the fall is quiet and colorful.  Our favorite eatery has a balcony near the water’s edge overlooking the boat launch.  Guess what – another ice cream shop right there.  Who knew?

Our September meeting should be exciting.  The NH State Police Canine Unit will bring their four legged partners.  The demonstration will show how they work with and protect their handlers.  Police dogs actually live with their owners and enjoy the normal home life as any other dog that is loved by their family. Once they get the command and that special collar, they tirelessly do what they are trained to do.  This will be a special treat for us all.  Cameras will be a must.

There will be two other adventures in the coming month.  First, will be a visit to an alpaca farm in Windham, NH.  This will be déjà vu for many of us.  The last alpaca farm was extremely memorable.  Ask any of us.

Second, we’re really not looking forward to the bumpy wagon ride into the orchards at DeMeritt Hill Farm in Lee, but seeing all those luscious apples waiting to be picked makes the trip fun.  We fill our bags and pockets before traversing back to the barn for the indulgence waiting for us… apple pie with ice cream and cider.  The only ingredients we have to provide are happy conversation and a big "Thank You".

Here we are again… grandkids at school have crazy ideas (but funny).  Here are a couple of their “definitions” -

AVOIDABLE (what a bullfighter tries to do)
ARBITRATOR (a cook who leaves Arby’s to work at McDonalds).

p.s. Drunk people, children and leggings tell the truth?

Submitted by Irene R. Cote, Secretary