July-August 2018 | Volume 11, Issue 4

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Senior Moments

Summer was back to the great outdoors.  Well, maybe not Great, but we really did enjoy the outdoors at our annual picnic at Kingston State Park.   Lots of sandwiches were in our coolers but the extras filled another entire table with everything else - condiments, salads, chips, fruit and endless desserts!  I even ate two delicious servings of something I didn't even recognize.  Only thing left was to sit back, enjoy the view, tell jokes, play games and meet some new young friends.  We sit near the children at the Park for a reason.  When those big yellow busses open their doors, it's like someone opened the gates of felicity as eager, active, noisy kids invade the beach like sea gulls over a clam, and we love it!  Maybe we look like grandma and grandpa.   One little curly haired new friend told me what her dad told her and I repeat "God gave old people time so everything wouldn't happen at once".  Well, I told her "friends are chocolate chips in the cookies of life.”  She looked confused as she strolled back to her friends.  Perhaps "cookies of life" was a little heavy.

The LLC (Ladies Lunch Club) escaped once again.  This time our fearless driver took us to the Cracker Barrel.  The ladies were thrilled but the guys were not.   If you've been to the Cracker Barrel restaurant, you know you have to walk through the gift shop to the dining room.  Now, that is where this conversation ends.

Attorney Williams was the featured speaker at our last meeting.  Just when you think you've got it all figured out, you don't.  We expected new laws and changes (after all what are legislatures for?). But the one that got our attention the most was the WILL.  We all have one (kids take notice) but what we did not know is that if we have a Trust, we don't need a Will.  Just include everything in the Trust.  How easy is that?  And, we can change our minds as often as we want.  Scary huh?  Of course Ms. Williams suggested everyone have a Trust.

One of our favorite days was our visit to the UNH Ocean Mapping Center. I can't even find the right words to properly express our amazement.  The new technology and their joint ventures with UNH/NOAA have lifted Hydrographic Exploration and Ocean Floor Mapping to new levels that this older generation could only envision as science fiction.  But it's real and happening right now.  UNH is working alongside other countries to eventually map the entire ocean floor. Can you imagine?  We all left with plans to get on the Web and follow their unique operations. Check it out on There is a link to the Hydrographic Center as well.  They each take you to the ocean floor as though you were simply enjoying a walk along the beach. Awesome!

The Club surrendered the Watson Academy to the Recreation Children again this summer.  Along with our visit to the UNH Ocean Mapping Center, we plan to go back to the Sunapee Craft Fair in August including the chairlift ride to the top of the mountain. and another visit to the Sea Glass Restaurant to enjoy the crashing waves beneath us.  You will see some of us at the Touch The Truck fundraiser again. Plans are in the works to visit the Wild Animal Kingdom this fall but not right after lunch.  Last time we were there, all the animals were sleeping after their big meal (sounds familiar?).  We want to see some movement besides the ice cream vendor truck.  We'll even sneak back to Watson in August for a brief meeting while the kids are away.  There are a lot of ideas for the rest of the year.  Those lobster rolls at the Tuckaway Restaurant are on the top of our To-Do list.   But making Christmas plans in September has got to be illegal.

The Club has grown to 37 members which makes for a lot of new friends in our lives.

To all Senior Citizens out there... remember this... the O'Neil Theatre is only $5.00 for us oldies every Wednesday.  Good deal because the popcorn costs a lot more than that.

Submitted by Irene R. Cote, Secretary