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July-August 2019| Volume 12, Issue 4

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Epping Historical Society

It looks like we went from winter to rainy season (a new season) to summer! We can finally work in our gardens without digging in mud.

We are in our busy season and visitors come from all over. Last week I was researching Jack Sharkey for a story when my phone rang. Lo and behold, on the line was a cousin of Jack Sharkey! Was that just a coincidence? Maybe... A recent visitor was the grandson of Benjamin Woods; he was excited to see all the information we have on the Woods family. He returned home a happy man and he will keep in touch with us, even sending us additional material on the Woods family.

We do a lot of genealogy work at the Society, and at the present time we have over 100 families researched and all of their information is in 3 ring binders. Whenever we find any picture, document, etc., pertaining to the family, it is included in the binder. Some of our old families not only have a binder, but also have an archival box with additional documents. If you suspect your family may have a family binder, come in and check it out.

One of our projects is bricks for our walkway. We now have a new supplier, Bill Hopkinton, who lives and works in Raymond. He recently dropped off three new bricks and he does a wonderful job. We supplied the bricks that came from the old Rundlett building on the corner, (now Allstate) and he engraved them. The cost for a brick is $50.00, which includes 14 letters and spaces per line with three lines allowed. What a wonderful way to honor our loved ones.

One of our volunteers is creating a tri-fold brochure for the Historical Society. It would be so nice to have a brochure to share with locals as well as visitors. Suzanne will have it ready soon, stay tuned for availability.

We are always looking for family photos to add to our collections. We are happy to make copies, returning the originals to you if you want to keep them in the family. If you are cleaning out a loved one’s home, and come across pictures or documents you do not want, give us a call, we may be able to help identify people and places for you.

We are still on the lookout for a picture of the old A&P building where we are located. The only picture we have is an old newspaper photo, very grainy. Perhaps someone in your family has a better photo we can use for our new brochure.

Raymond Guerrin

Epping, October 12, 1942. “If the Army would accept me, I’ll wager that I could successfully operate a tank.” These are the words of Raymond E. Guerrin, a 39 year old legless man of this town, who does not regard himself handicapped at all. Although he was left with only the stubs of both legs above the knees, after his last operation a few months ago, Ray just would not become downhearted or discouraged. “I have plenty to live for” he asserted, a sturdy pair of hands, a home and the finest wife one could ask for. What more could a man want?

Ray Guerrin does practically all of the housework while his wife is employed in the local shoe factory. He finds time to enjoy many other activities, including cooking, canning, floor scrubbing and all of the ironing. Ray also had many gardens, tending them on his “short legs.” He used to do all the washing, but after he lost his second leg, that was no longer possible. He also raises rabbits, which he uses for meat; he says they resemble the taste of chicken. (Any takers?)

When he is not otherwise busy, Guerrin rides about town in his specially designed wheel chair. The chair has a sprocket chain drive, which he operates with his arms. His friends in Epping made the chair and presented it to him so he could get around better. Now that he can get around better, he recently made a trip to the Memorial Hospital in Brentwood, to visit old friends. It was three miles from his home to the hospital, and he made it in 80 minutes. He also traveled to the Rochester Fair. He was put aboard the baggage car of the train in his chair and let off at the Rochester station. That was all the help he needed.

Since he returned from the hospital last June, he has erected a small building to house his street chair. He is remarkable in ascending and descending the stairs and thinks nothing of carrying a gallon of oil up to the second floor where he lives. He lives at the home of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Emma Lambert. Guerrin is the victim of a rare disease which affects his veins. Medical science has as of yet, to determine the cause of this rare disease. He underwent his first operation in 1929 for the removal of a toe, and has been in hospitals frequently since, but his indomitable courage has always won out and he has come home smiling.

He is one of 17 children born to the late Joseph and Emma (Coriveau) Guerrin of Epping. Only one brother and four sisters remain, although none have suffered with the same disease. Guerrin worked for two years after losing his first leg and then decided to take over household duties from his wife. He is married to Corrianna St. Laurent of Epping. The couple has no children, to their dismay. They work well together, last year they put up 250 quarts of canned goods, and are well on their way to surpass that amount this year. Ray loved the Boston Red Sox, and the thrill of his life was when his cousin took him to a game, and, Ted Williams signed a baseball for him!

Ray has a wheelchair for indoor use, and also a pair of leather “buckets” to attach to his stubs to aid in getting around easier, although he does not often use them around the house. He was a communicant of St. Joseph Church, and is buried in the St. Joseph Cemetery in Epping. Research: Exeter Newsletter Don Sanborn Collection Epping Historical Society

Come visit us at the Society. We are open Monday morning, 8:00 to 12:00, or when the flag is flying!  If this is not convenient for you, please call 679-2944 for an appointment or email me at: joysgarden@hotmail.com.

Don Sanborn’s research
Buster Sanborn’s papers
Tilton’s History of Epping

Epping  Historical Society

Submitted by Joy True, curator, Epping Historical Society

The Civil War Roundtable of NH

NH graves at Soldiers’ Cemetery in Gettysburg
(Photo by Bill Hallett)

The Civil War Roundtable of New Hampshire welcomes anyone with an interest in the American Civil War who would like to be with others who share the same desire to learn more of this time in American history. We are an informal club with the only requirement being a Civil War enthusiast.  If you or a friend has an interest in the American Civil War, we invite you to come check us out.

Founded in May 1991, the Civil War Roundtable of New Hampshire is a group of men and women, young and old, who share our interests, both blue and gray, in the pivotal era of American history known as the Civil War.  We are open to the public and welcome all!  As our slogan goes, “There’s no time like the present to join us in the past.”

For more information on the group and a complete schedule of meetings and news, please visit the web site: www.cwrt-nh.org or email cwrtnh@gmail.com.

This is the upcoming CWRT-NH schedule:

We are currently booking 2019 meetings. If you know someone, or would like to offer a talk to our group, please email: cwrtnh@gmail.com.

Note: The schedule is subject to change without notice.  You can access the CWRT-NH website for the current schedule.  If a meeting is cancelled, a notice will be put on ETV.

July & August - no meetings - summer break

September 13, 2019 (note: this is the 2nd Friday) ~ Gary Dyson - "A Civil War Correspondent in New Orleans."

October 18, 2019 ~ Jan & Dave Drake - "Letters Home: The Civil War Letters of George W. Harwood, 36th MA Regt 1862-1865."

November 8, 2019 (note: this is the 2nd Friday) ~ Marek Bennett - TBA .

December 2019 ~ no meeting