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Jan-Feb 2018 | Volume 11, Issue 1



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Epping Historical Society

Welcome to the New Year! We, at the Epping Historical Society are looking forward to new and exciting times! Just think, by the time the next issue of Speak Up, Epping! is published, we will be looking forward to SPRING!!

In November, we had our roof replaced at the Society. Who knew there were three layers of shingles on the roof? If you were in the neighborhood on that day, it looked like ants all over the building! They were an amazing crew! They stripped and replaced the whole roof in one day! We should be good for another twenty years, or more.

So many folks have been extra generous this year, making many donations to the Society. When Elwyn Dearborn passed, his many friends all over the United States contributed to the Society, per Elwyn’s wishes. Also we have many friends in town that are appreciative that we are here recording and saving Epping history, and have opened their hearts and wallets to help.

We have just replaced our old carpeted floor in the main room with wood laminate. If you have visited us, you are aware of our collections, heavy furniture (including the large Judge’s desk) and research material and hundreds of books. Everything had to be moved and then put back in place. A daunting job, and thanks to our volunteers, it was accomplished. A special thanks to our “SUPER” volunteer, Forrest, who installed the new floor. We are planning an Open House in the Spring, so all can see the many changes that have taken place.

We have a couple of programs planned for the spring. We will present the Powerpoint program of Olde Epping. This is a very popular program; come and see if we have old pictures of your house, or houses you see every day on your travels around Epping. We are always looking for suggestions for programs. What would you like to see? The most requested information is from the new residents in town, inquiring about the area where they live, or if living in an older house, a history of the people who previously lived there. We can provide limited information on their house, but probably have more information on the previous occupants.

A very short list of what we have available at the Society: old maps, genealogies, town histories, old newspapers, birth, marriage and death records, information on several organizations, railroads, shoe shops, mills, schools, Churches and lots of other interesting items, too numerous to mention.

Town Clock

Our new Town Hall was constructed in 1893. It is a beautiful building, but the clock intended for the tower is missing. It seems that when the building was completed, the clock was too large to fit in the tower. The clock had been specially made, but the access was not large enough for the clock to be installed. The building committee consulted with the clock manufacturer to see if any changes could be made to the clock so it would fit. But after much discussion, it was decided the clock would be installed in the Congregational Church on the corner. The clock was still in the center of the village, so all could enjoy the benefit of having a “Town Clock”.

I spent some time reviewing old town reports, and discovered that from 1893 to 1902, we paid someone to “wind the town clock at the Congregational Church” every year. This was only a nine year period. I am sure the town continued paying for someone to wind the clock. The rate of pay was $15.00 per year. How many trips did this man make to wind the clock for a whole year?

Over the years many residents of the town have volunteered their time to keep the clock wound and working. Sadly, the clock was out of commission for a while, the Church bells not ringing, and the hands stopped. However, recently, several dedicated volunteers have repaired the clock works, and the bells are ringing once again!

The Town Clock in the Congregational Church tower is a very historical icon. It is important to continue to maintain the clock and keep it working for all of us to enjoy. The Church bells ringing define what a small town is all about. People pause and glance at the clock, check the time, and continue on their way. The clock has been keeping time for 124 years, and we hope it will do so for the next 100 years!!

Come visit us at the Society. We are open Monday morning, 8:00 to 12:00, or when the flag is flying! If this does not work for you, please call 679-2944 for an appointment or email me at: joysgarden@hotmail.com

Submitted by Joy True, curator, Epping Historical Society

The Civil War Roundtable of NH

The Civil War Roundtable of New Hampshire welcomes anyone with an interest in the American Civil War who would like to be with others who share the same desire to learn more of this time in American history. We are an informal club with the only requirement being a Civil War enthusiast.  If you or a friend has an interest in the American Civil War, we invite you to come check us out.

Founded in May 1991, the Civil War Roundtable of New Hampshire is a group of men and women, young and old, who share our interests, both blue and gray, in the pivotal era of American history known as the Civil War.  We are open to the public and welcome all!  As our slogan goes, “There’s no time like the present to join us in the past.”

For more information on the group and a complete schedule of meetings and news, please visit the web site: www.cwrt-nh.org or email cwrtnh@gmail.com.

This is the upcoming CWRT-NH schedule:

Note: The schedule is subject to change without notice.  You can access the CWRT-NH website for the current schedule.  If a meeting is cancelled, a notice will be put on ETV. 

January 19, 2018 – Mike Schroeder (pres. CWRTNH) - "Union Combined Operations: Freeing the Upper Mississippi - 1862"

February 16, 2018 – William Quigley “Pure Heart” (book)

March 16, 2018 ~ John Hayward (NH author) - "5th New Jersey at Gettysburg"

April 20, 2018 ~ Ronald J. Guilmette - "First to Serve" (book on Massachusetts State Police creation out of the Civil War)

May 18, 2018 ~ TBA

June 15, 2018 ~ A. Wilson Green (retired head of Pamplin Park Museum) - "Petersburg"