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Sept - Oct 2018 | Volume 11, Issue 5

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Epping Fire Department

fire truck 

Safety Tips For Epping

Summer is here and it’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors. It’s also a great time to clean out any clutter or unwanted items. Hoarding is becoming a real problem in the United States for firefighters. Although one man’s junk is another man’s treasurer, it increases the fire load and challenges firefighters to rescue a person in a timely fashion. Fire grows twice as fast every minute and extra clutter only accelerates it.

Cookouts are a great way to celebrate the summer with family and friends.  Make sure you grill away from your house, or garage. Never grill or use a hibachi on a deck. It is against the law to have a grill on a deck in an apartment or multi-family complex. Use approved propane gas tanks and shut them off after the grill cools down.

Chimneys should be cleaned by a licensed and insured contractor. Fireplaces and woodstoves should also be cleaned out as well. Make sure ashes are drowned out and never placed in a box or paper bag. The best place to put your ashes is your garden as it will help neutral the acidity in your soil.

Be careful when using fireworks and make sure that you and your family enjoy them from a distance. Never play with fireworks inside a building or structure and be aware of any local, state and federal laws. Yes, Town of Epping allows people to buy and use fireworks.

Burn permits are required and must be obtained in order to burn brush or have a camp and/or cooking fire. You may get them online or stop by the fire station during the day, 7 days a week - from 6 am to 6 pm.

Always know that we are here for you, just a phone call away!  Be Safe and enjoy the Summer!

Lieutenant Paul St Cyr
Fire Prevention Officer and 9-11 Liaison.

Burn Permits

Burn Permits are required for all outside burning.  Permits will be issued at the fire station seven days a week, 6:00 am-6:00 pm. Permits Will Not be issued when fire danger is class 3 or above.

If you have any questions contact the Fire Department at 679-5446.

For Daily Fire Danger and an explanation of the different danger levels, please follow the link

The Fire and Brick Museum

At the March 13, 2018 town meeting, the voters allowed the museum committee to use the 1935  fire station at 147 Main Street as a Fire Department and Brickyard Museum. At this time, two of our original pieces of Fire apparatus have been relocated to this building. Our plan is to have a thorough cleaning, replace some of the ceiling panels, then paint the woodwork, the ceiling and the floor. We plan to replace the present doors with glass doors so the equipment can be viewed when the museum is not open. From there we will start building display areas for various fire and rescue equipment and start the history of the Epping Fire Department. The building was built in 1935 with Fire Chief Ralph Goodrich at the controls. It was active until the present Safety Complex was dedicated in 2001 - 56 years of active service.

Would you like to be a charter member of the Friends of the Epping Fire and Brick Museum?  For information contact Cliff Cray, or stop into the Historical Society building on Water Street and speak to Joy.

Donations to the Friends of the Epping Fire and Brick Museum may be sent to Friends of the Epping Fire and Brick Museum, 37 Pleasant Street, Epping NH 03042.

Cliff Cray