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Nov-Dec 2017 | Volume 10, Issue 6



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Channel 22 – ETV – Schedule of live programs

Selectmen’s Meeting – Monday, Nov. 6, 20; 
Dec. 4, 18  - 7 pm

Water & Sewer – Tuesday, Nov. 7; Dec. 5 - 7 pm

Library –Tuesday, Nov. 21; Dec.19 - 7 pm

Conservation Commission – Tuesday, Nov. 14; Dec.12   - 7 pm
No Dec. meeting

Parks & Recreation – Wednesday, Nov. 1 - 7 pm

Budget Committee – Wednesday, Nov. 15; Dec. 20 - 7 pm

School Committee–Thursday, Nov. 2, 16; Dec. 7, 21 - 7 pm

Planning Board –Thursday, Nov. 9; Dec.14 - 6 pm

Civil War Round Table – Friday, Nov. 17 - 7:15 pm
No Dec. meeting

Monday meetings are rebroadcast:

Tuesday meetings are rebroadcast:

Wednesday meetings are rebroadcast:

Thursday meetings are rebroadcast:

All dates and times are subject to change.  Please consult the ETV Bulletin Board or the Town website for any changes or updates.

Always remember that Board meetings are available any time at your convenience if you go to They are usually available the day following their “live” broadcast.

“Live” video streaming is also available. Watch live meetings anywhere while they’re broadcast:

The ETV email is

There is now a NEW Website for reviewing Epping meetings online: