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Nov - Dec 2018 | Volume 11, Issue 6

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Turning the Page in Epping's Theatrical History

“A Christmas Carol” at the Epping Community Theater

“A Christmas Carol” at the Epping Community Theater The Epping Community Theater is proud to announce our inaugural production of Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” at the Epping Playhouse! We are so proud to have Steve Koch returning to Epping to play Scrooge as well as directing his own original adaptation of this classic Dicken’s tale. New and seasoned veterans of the show will be surprised and entertained by our revised version of this heartfelt classic.

The play takes place on Christmas Eve and follows a heartless miser who has no patience for those who are merry at Christmas. Although surrounded by good, caring people, he is blind to their struggles and judges those less fortunate than he. When questioned about the poor and ill of health he answers “If they are dying they better get on with it then and decrease the surplus population.” What would it take to make this awful, self-centered man see and experience the magic of Christmas? His old business partner, a crippled boy, or three ghosts that haunt his room that night. Although set in the mid 1800’s, you will meet timely characters dealing with all too common struggles.

Bring your whole family and say “bah humbug!” to those that put down the people that struggle while keeping hope in their hearts, and allow the spirit of the holidays to bring you kindness and joy.

Performance dates are; Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sunday matinee at 2:00 pm. “Tis the season” may not be on our tongues yet, but tickets may sell out, plan your holidays now and buy your seats online at You may find more information on our Facebook page or on our website Performances will be held at the Epping Playhouse on 38c Ladd’s Lane, Epping.

Brian Miskinis, President, Board of Directors