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July - August 2022 | Volume 15, Issue 4

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End 68 Hours of Hunger - Epping

End 68 Hours of Hunger would like to thank the community for their donations. We are currently collecting donations for our program. Right now, we are in need of crackers, shelf stable milk, and mac and cheese. We have drop boxes at Erica's Garden and The Library. Financial donations to help in that effort can be mailed to:

End 68 Hours of Hunger-Epping
62 Meadowbrook Drive
Epping, NH 03042

Epping Lions Club

“We Serve”

The Lions Club is not meeting in June or July, so we have no new news to share. We always welcome new members though.

We continue to collect used eyeglasses. We have collected thousands to date. Cheers!

Epping Lions Club | Facebook
Epping Lions Club - Lions e-Clubhouse

Deb Brooks, President

Cheryl Denoncour, Treasurer

Colleen Palmer, Secretary

Submitted by Colleen Palmer, Secretary

Nature Talks

Hello, SELT Supporters,

First and most importantly, thank you for donating to SELT during the Trailfest 2021 campaign. Although our team did not come in first, the winner donated the prize to the Sauntering SELTies. Jane Kelly rescues raptors and offered the winner a tour of her operation, On the Wing. Jim and Bonnie Patz, Lynn and Paul Kurzewicz and I learned a lot while we were there on May 25, 2022.

We saw lots of beautiful birds, ranging in age from 9 weeks to 20 years old. If I have my facts right, about 50% of them were hit by cars; a lot of them are now visually impaired and will remain with Jane until they pass. About 50% were compromised by eating rodents killed by pesticides; some of these birds require veterinary care and some will not survive. The birds are housed in 8 cages - wooden structures looking like very small, one room houses. She is building and expanding this fall to accommodate eagles - did you know it takes an eagle 120 feet to get off the ground??

The largest type of owl in the word is the Eurasian Eagle Owl and Jane has one. This is quite a feat as it is native to Russia and there are no more wild in the US. Jane said turkey vultures are very curious and smart - all three of hers know their names. Arlo and his two buddies like to pull on visitor’s shoe laces - she had us all stand together in one corner so she could protect us from their investigations. All the other owls preferred staying away from us. Jane’s almost ready to release the Snowy Owl, just a couple of weeks after the rest of that breed started their northerly migration. To help him catch up, she arranged for a volunteer helicopter ride north. How wonderful is that?

Thank you, Paul, for these wonderful pictures. Thanks to Jim, Bonnie, Paul and Lynn for participating. A special thanks to Jane for sharing her time and knowledge with us. AND, thanks again to YOU for helping SELT to Save, Share and Steward the lands you love!

Have a great rest of your summer and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Photos from On the Wing

Submitted by Sandy Goodspeed

News from Rockingham Grange #183

The Rockingham Grange #183 in Epping is preparing its first community garden!  Pictured here are Sally Brocato, Wendy True, and Elisabeth Gustavson planting the new garden to provide fresh vegetables for the Epping Community Church Food Pantry this summer!  Many members contributed vegetable plants and seeds, and Bruce Gatchell, Christa Weaver, and Wendy True did a lot of work preparing the soil for this endeavor.  Barbara Perry is chairperson of the Garden Committee and won the blueberry muffin contest held at the Grange Hall last month.  Barbara will go on to compete in the state Grange blueberry muffin contest this fall! Congratulations, Barbara!

Sally Brocato, Wendy True, and Elisabeth Gustavson planting the new garden

We welcome new members! If you wish to join our Rockingham Grange, please contact Bruce Gatchell at bgatchel@comcst.net (one L) or by calling Bruce at 603-231-4520. We meet the second Thursday of the month in our historic building on Main Street.

Submitted by Elaine Gatchell

Epping Garden Club

The six of us would like to thank everyone who either bought Pansies or made donations and comments on our efforts in town. The club had a delivery of 240 colorful bowls of pansies and we used 10-15 to fill containers in town.


Now to find a way to get some mulch delivered to each corner before all the grass and weeds take over.

The Epping Fire Station has purchased planters like we use in town, for the West Epping Station and we will add flowers in keeping with our other containers.

We will switch them out around Memorial Day and add pretty “Bubblegum” Petunias which should last until our next fundraiser “Fall Color”. Just a reminder - we will accept orders two weeks before delivery. When the final day to order is announced, please make sure your orders are in, as we won’t be able to call in later to order more plants.

We are also working on doing something downtown for the winter holidays besides offering poinsettias which are indoor plants. For the local churches, Poinsettias are amazing and our Catholic church supports us each year by making their space beautiful with them. Please let us know if you need a pretty color for your holiday celebrations - we offer red, pink and white (cream) in three sizes. Thank you for your support over the last 10+ years.

Congratulations to Maureen who was very excited to win the beautiful gnome crocheted blanket in the Garden Club raffle. 





You can email us at: eppinggardenclub@gmail.com or call 603-300-0064.  Thank you for your support over the last 10+ years!

Submitted by Eunice Miller 

American Legion News

Monthly Breakfast Buffets

The Sunday Breakfast Buffets are held from 8:00 to 11:00 am. The cost is $10 for adults and $6 for kids 6 and under. Masks are a personal choice.

Going forward, the breakfasts will be held on the 2nd Sunday of every month. The July breakfast will be held on Sunday, July 10th. The August breakfast will be Sunday, August 14th.

Submitted by Janet Hoffman  

Cell Phone for the Troops

Donate your old cell phone

More than 150,000 troops are serving overseas and are away from their families. Please make a donation of your old cell phone so they can call home, providing these soldiers with a much needed connection to their loved ones. There is a drop-off box at the Epping Town Hall for your convenience.

The Pease Greeters Need Your Help!

The Pease Greeters, hundreds of volunteers, meet our Armed Forces any time of day or night, as they pass through Pease International Airport on their way to a war zone or on their way home. For more than sixteen years, Greeters have welcomed service members on every flight with a warm meal and beverage, small gifts, and a hearty round of applause. And for that we give the Greeters our warmest and most sincere thanks.

Greeting Our Troops

They also send Christmas stockings to our Troops overseas. The Pease Greeters care package team recently completed the momentous task of stuffing 3,000 Christmas stockings with goodie bags and holiday cards to send to active military overseas.

Throughout the year, the Greeters seek donations of toiletries, individually packed food items and “fun stuff” like small toys. Please contact peasegreetercarepackages@gmail.com for further information about the care package program.

The Pease Greeters began welcoming flights in 2005 and a reached the milestone of having welcomed over 2000 flights. Recently, the number of flights through Pease has increased and the Pease Greeters are in need of monetary help. We need to support our service men and women any way we can. If you can give any amount, please make a check payable to "Pease Greeters Fund" and send or drop it off to Joyce at the Town Hall.

Care Package Program

Along with greeting the Troops, since 2005, the Pease Greeters operate a Care Package Program.  On a monthly basis, the Greeters ship packages totaling 400 – 500 pounds. Costs for shipping runs at $400 to $600 per month. Among items included in the Care Packages are handwritten cards. The cards are especially appreciated by the Troops.

There are BIG Care Package shipments that go out to the Troops twice a year.

Individuals or groups wishing to get involved with the Care Package Program with cards, stockings or ‘Wish List’ items may contact peasegreeterscarepackages@gmail.com for further information. You may also donate items for the Care Packages through Amazon.com!

To learn more about the Pease Greeters, sign up for flight alerts or to make a contribution, visit https://peasegreeters.org/.

Epping Parks & Recreation

Home of the "River Otters"

Director: Nicole Bizzaro

Recreation Dept. Main Phone Number: 603-679-3006

Program cell phones


Tim: eppingrecprogramcoordinator@gmail.com

Jake: eppingprograms@gmail.com

Tiffany: eppingrecoffice@gmail.com

Physical Address:
17 Academy Street
Epping, NH 03042

Mailing address:
157 Main Street
Epping, NH 03042

Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

You may email eppingrecreation@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding food assistance during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Nicole Bizzaro, the Director can also be reached by phone at 603-608-9487. 

If you have any programming questions you can contact Marlee, the Assistant Director at eppingrecprograms@gmail.com.


Here is the link https://www.familiesfirstseacoast.org/family-programs/parenting-classes-family-groups/ to our Family Center page. It outlines the different kinds of Virtual support we are offering at Families First, and the text is below. We have online parent and grandparent support groups open to all.

Here is the link to the online calendar https://www.familiesfirstseacoast.org/calendar with Zoom meeting links for those groups.

The groups have been small so far but are really fun and a great way to connect with other parents. Hopefully more people will find them.